Artists And Collaborators

If you're interested in connecting with some of my favorite artists, brands, and collaborators, check out the links & buttons below. 




This graphic artist can be found on Discord at anubis#2565 


The Woobles

This brand creates the cutest little amigurumi critters, and has really fantastic How-To videos on their YouTube channel - FOR LEFTIES! WHAT! (also for Righties! haha). 

10/10 Highly Recommend if you're wanting to learn, create, and have fun doing it. 


Bad Sheep Yarn

This brand makes absolutely divine small batch hand-dyed yarn that is a joy to work with.

10/10 Highly Recommend if you're looking for luxurious, high quality, beautiful yarn for an upscale project. 


Twice Sheared Sheep

This brand sells useful and adorable knitting tools! 

10/10 Highly Recommend if you're looking for tools and notions that are as great to look at as to use. 

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these artists or brands, unless indicated above. I just like to share the love when I find an artist or brand that I am crazy about, so here they are.